Business Intelligence

In order to improve decision making and performance in a fast paced market, there should be an easy access to all facts about your business operations. Investing in a Business Intelligence (BI) should be a top priority which gives a competitive edge and brings success.

With our exceptional experience in innovative BI solutions SAPXtra can help you transform your business. We focus on delivering Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and BI with a high return on investment (ROI).

To improve your performance across all business areas and have the information to make fully- informed decisions you have the processes, organisation and tools that helps you concentrate on resources for maximum value.

Reasons to choose SAPXtra :

With more than 200 CPM and BI specialists in Europe, our consultants and experts are close to you and able to develop ROI-focused solutions locally or globally. Our strong vertical industry knowledge enables us to manage business change and transformation.

  • We have the expertise and experience of working with all the major CPM/BI vendors to tackle the most complex projects worldwide.
  • We can reduce the total cost of ownership of BI through a combination of outsourcing and rationalisation.
  • To maximise the return on your investment we use packaged, methodologies that accelerate solution development. Unlike most traditional BI vendors we have the proven experience to manage both your business transformation and integration with your existing system.

The implementation of BI is often fragmented by business function or geography, meaning costs can spiral. Our global expertise and proven frameworks for BI service implementation – from consultancy to system delivery – helps you rationalize your solutions, raising BI’s effectiveness and reducing TCO.

We give you the tools and insight to manage operational risk through more accurate management reporting that will help you achieve demonstrable, cost-effective compliance, tracked over time.

We help you target, attract and retain your most profitable customers reduce churn and extend your share of wallet. Using sophisticated predictive analytics for precision segmentations, to pilot campaigns and analyse customer behaviours, we leverage the intrinsic power of your data to maximise the success of your marketing strategies.

Having the best tools and processes in place to make the right decisions about performance is increasingly vital in determining business success. Leverage our CPM expertise and align your global performance reporting capabilities through consistent metrics and language, BI frameworks and management tools.

With our strong expertise in recommending, implementing and integrating BI and ERP systems, SAPXtra is well placed to leverage those specialities to help you extract maximum business value from your existing investment.