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Working globally to deliver high performance - outsource.

Thousands of SAPXtra’s Outsourcing professionals can deliver outsourcing services to more than hundreds of clients across a wide range of industries worldwide. Our full spectrum of outsourcing services—from business processes outsourcing to information technology outsourcing—is used as an indispensable business tool to elevate performance.

Outsourcing professionals may work with consultants and technologists to design, manage and implement the day-to-day activities associated with our clients’ key business functions. You might find yourself in a customer-facing position where you will have opportunities to think differently, provide input to improve processes and ultimately deliver better services to clients.

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SAPXtra offers both Information Technology Outsourcing as well as Business Process Outsourcing services. Learn how SAPXtra’s outsourcing services enable us to deliver the increasingly specialized business operations that clients demand while providing varied career opportunities for outsourcing professionals.

SAPXtra offers the full range of outsourcing services—application, infrastructure and business process outsourcing—to help clients achieve high performance.