All the business enterprises are reaching heights due to high and new standards. Information technology plays a vital role to make this possible. It has formed its strategies in such a way that the needs of every business can be met in the most customized way. SAPXtra has gained this extra knowledge after doing extensive research in this field and understanding the global market in a large way.

Our aim is to satisfy the clients in every possible way and we try our level best to achieve our AIM.

Being an extensive group we help various business sectors in the field of education, banking and finance, automobile, manufacturing, legal, oil and gas, retail, service sector and telecom.

In all the three methodologies although conducted in a different manner the ultimate goal is execution or implementation of the project.

Understanding our methodologies is a proof of how our company functions to help business enterprises in the best possible way.

Planning phase : In this first phase we try to understand what the business enterprise actually want from us. Understanding their core expectation is the ultimate goal.

Preparation phase : In this second phase we get to see what kind of technology needs to be used along with distributing the work to the FTE’s that are full time equivalents. Making them understand how the SAP knowledge needs to be used in providing the best business solution.

Execution phase : In this third phase the SAP software is installed and processed. Installing the necessary SAP software needed during this procedure, providing support to the agreed SLA’s and implementing the execution and transition of the process is commenced.

Review phase : In this last/fourth phase we monitor the level of adherence in SLA metrics, observing the system usage, discussing if any additional training needs need to be implemented and review all the operation procedures if it is necessary.

On site : In onshore we basically understand what the customer needs and plan and control according to the customer specifications.

Near shore : In near shore where all the data related information is collected and is maintained for the coordination of the project implementation.

Off shore : In offshore the complete responsibility is on SAP consultants for providing techno-functional requirements along with providing crucial/ continuous support.