The Offshore Custom Software Development

Offshore custom software development, also known as offshore custom software engineering. Software development deals with the problems of cost and reliability. It consists of strategic fit, options appraisal, commercial aspects, affordability and achievability.

The demand of today’s business practices is customisation. Custom software development helps the companies to get the exact services which inturn gives them a competitive edge in the market. These kind of services are readily available in the market to purchase as a ready product. They also enable them to factor in issues such as existing network and software infrastructure, integration with existing packages support and maintenance requirements.

We as SAPXTRA provides offshore custom software development services for business applications and embedded software. Within these two broad fields we possess in depth knowledge of specific domains which enables us to better comprehend your requirements and design solutions accordingly. We strive to provide value to the customer in terms of cost benefits without compromise on quality or delivery schedule.

For any Offshore software development project to be a successful product the key factors are effective communication between the Clients and software provider. In any case of unsuccessful product life cycle the reason would only be lack of clear understanding the clients needs. Lack of proper documentation at every step of the project can also cause significant problems at later stages of the project and post implementation.

At SAPXTRA we have adopted well defined methodologies for the analysis, design, delivery and management of all offshore and offsite projects. We follow industry proven best practices to successfully manage offshore relationships and to minimize risk and instil transparency in all aspects of offshore project execution.