Offshore Product Development

Partnering with an offshore software company can insignificantly lower the cost of developing a product, which in turn can directly affect the bottom line of your product development initiative.

SAPXTRA is an ideal partner for the offshore software development of your product.

Unlike most software development companies in India which are primarily services based, SAPXTRA has ventured into the product space as well.

We have indigenously developed a range of products for the banking and financial sector in India by putting together a team of domain, Industry and technology experts.

Our expertise is in product development has given us more than a fair idea of what is involved in indigenously developing and marketing a specialized software product.

Different companies have partnered with us in different ways for various product development initiatives. We can serve as an offshore development partner to simply develop in the product as per your specification at our offshore facility. However, if the idea for a product lies in our domain of expertise we can be involved in all stages of the initiative including conceptualization, specification, development and even marketing.

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