Teams & Quality

SAPXtra India Pvt. Limited is a global IT services company focusing on Enterprise solutions and integration services like consulting (SAP/Oracle), software development, product solutions for education sector and IT consulting services offering outsourcing solutions to enterprises worldwide. As SAPXtra was conceived, it has concentrated on a principle to maximize results for its clients and partners through lower costs, enhancement, productivity and quality.

SAPXtra Team & Delivery Structure

At SAPXtra, we believe that quality is second to none. We have built a strong foundation to meet that quality expectations demanded by the industry. Our organizational structure is designed to ensure the consistency and quality of our software development processes. We specialize in delivering technology-driven business solutions that incorporate the latest methodologies and technologies. All projects undertaken are subject to a very stringent quality control processes.
SAPXtra has a documented quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2000 quality system standards. The quality system is followed & implemented as per the guidelines of ISO 9001:2000 standard.Our Quality policy is defined as under:
Typical offshore-onsite team delivery structure illustrated below:

Quality Commitment

Our quality culture is based on well-evolved quality systems such as the Quality Management Systems (QMS). The Quality Management System is a comprehensive repository of all departments, Software Development Life Cycle processes. We have set companywide Quality objective and our process enables us to collect project metrics and measure the quality objectives from each project and hence can compare with the planned versus the actual.

We have well defined process to handle requirement changes from customers and manage risks arising due to these changes.

The Quality Assurance Group ensures compliance with quality goals. It maintains and enhances the QMS repository, based on experience gained from project implementations. Every project will have a Quality Representative (QR) to ensure objectivity to quality goals, responsible for the process implementation and quality of the product for the practice.

SAPXtra have also understood the importance of knowledge acquired through experience, and utilizing the same in future project implementations. We maintain project database, which contains the details of the projects and domain knowledge, and estimations, etc. All quality systems are available in the Intranet in the respective centres and can be accessed by all people in the organization. Built over years, these systems have facilitated the creation of a process-oriented mind-set in the organization that helps us to commit, and consistently deliver, superior quality software solutions.

Each and every solution at SAPXtra adheres to a strictly defined process and quality procedures: Requirements Stage Project Initiation Stage, Project Planning, Configuration Management, Development, Testing, Implementation